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X-100 FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most asked question about the X-100. Be sure to check out our Troubleshooting section for further information about your X-100.

How does it sound? Will my tone be affected?

Not at all! The X-100 was conceived to match active as well as passive instruments with the integrated pre-amp that set the input impedance to 1Mohm when activated. Your tone will therefore not be affected. You can hear by yourself with these two samples :

Jackson Guitar
Fender Jazz Bass

These are sound samples of the X-100 used on a guitar and a bass. The guitar is a Jackson made in India with Elixir strings and the bass is an American Fender Jazz bass. Because the guitar and the bass are passive instruments, the X-100 sender preamp is activated so the input impedance is 1mohm and the tone is preserved. There is no effects, pedals, amps or mic. The receiver output is directly sent to a M-audio delta series sound card input and recorded at 44.1khz, 16 bits, mono (X-100 transmission quality is 48KHZ 16bits).

Can multiple X-100 can be used simultaneously?

Of couse! Up to 40 different X-100 systems can operate in the same environnement. Don't forget to let at least 1 foot of space between each device, sender or receiver. We did the test with 10 units here.

Can I send two seperate audio signals using left and right?

Without problems! The left and right channels are completly independent and don't forget that left channel also has the pre-amp.

Can the sender transmit to more than one receiver?

No, the X-100 uses a point-to-point communication protocol, which means the master device (the sender) can only communicate with one slave device (the receiver).

What is the devices's casing made of?

The X-100's case is made of plastic.

What can I do if I use the X-100 so much the battery die after its 500 cycles of discharge/charge?

JD-XLABs offers battery remplacement service, please contact us for more information.

Are there other colors for the X-100?

Unfortunatly, we manufacture only in black.

Is the 25ms latency noticeable while playing music instrument?

You may or may not notice it, it depend on your physiology and the instrument you play, everyone reacts differently. Singers, Saxophonist and lead guitarists may feel it more than others while keyboardist, drummer, bassist and violinist will be least affected. The X-100 delay is the equivalent to be ~20 feet away from your amplifier and usually the brain get used to the delay really quick. Playing with the band also decrease effects. If you want to learn more about the effects of latency, we encourage you to consult this study : The Effects of Latency on Live Sound Monitoring.