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X-100 Troubleshooting

In this section you will find what are the common misuses of the X-100 and how to correct them. Make sure to check out the FAQ section and the X-100 Product Description section for more informations about the X-100

When I use the X-100 for in-ears, I only hear left side.

The X-100 is stereo, which means that the sender jack has a left input and a right input. If you put a mono cable in the jack, there will be audio signal only on the left channel. To have sound on both channel, you need to duplicate the signal on the right channel with the mono to stereo adapter included with the X-100 or any mono to stereo cable(which we do not include with the X-100).

I hear background noise out of my amplifier or my in-ears.

Default settings of volume is maximum gain. Every sound signal has noise, at different level. So when the sound is amplified by the X-100, the noise is therefore amplified and can be percepted if its initial level was too high. To cut background noise, reduce the volume on the X-100 and raise the source volume at maximum. To reduce the volume of the X-100, simply push the paring/volume switch to gradually reduce X-100 volume. Each push reduce the volume by ~2dB.

I charged the X-100 battery using my computer and didn't get much charge.

Computer's USB port are generally disabled when entering sleep mode to save power, be sure it doesn't happen or that your USB port are always active, even in sleep mode. Also, leaving a fully charged device connected to a shutted down computer will slowly drain battery current, which will reduce the life of the battery. Best trick is to use dedicated wall charger, like cellphone chargers.

The transmission range is short.

Be sure to place the X-100 sender and receiver in a line of seight scenario, which means to have the less obstacles between them. As every wireless signal, it will be affected by electro-magnetic field, so avoid placing the X-100 near tons of wires, wi-fi, cellphone and other interfering signals. Finally, if you use multiple X-100 systems, make sure they are at least one feet from each other.

When I connect my guitar, the sound level is low and not defined at all.

Simply turn on the pre-amp switch as passive pickups need a high impedance input.

The input level is to high and the red LED for clamping triggers

Try to reduce output volume of the audio source. If you can't, try activating the input level reducer with the switch to reduce input volume by 3dB.