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Product Description : X-100

Welcome on the presentation page of the X-100. If you don't find what you look for, please visit the FAQ or Troubleshoot sections. Contact us if you still didn't find the informations you were looking for.

The X-100 is a small portable device that allow user to transmit CD-quality stereo and mono audio from point A (sender) to point B (receiver) without wires. It was firstly designed for musicians, especially for in-ears monitors, microphones or bass guitars, it is however suitable for any wireless audio applications.


Small and battery-powered (rechargeable), the X-100 offer strong wireless link between the sender and receiver, up to 100 feet(30m). Both sender and receiver are equipped with small status LEDs (battery charge,pairing in process, etc.) that help the user interact with the devices. Easy to use, the audio stream starts whenever an audio cable is plugged in the 1/4 jack or the 1/8 jack. Each device has holes in which a musical instrument's strap can be inserted, like a guitar. As each X-100 is point-to-point paired, there can be many X-100 working in the same environnement. The sender is equipped with on-board mono-only (left channel) microphone pre-amp for dynamic electrets or passive instrument that required high impedance input such as guitars.

Audio Specs

- Sound Quality : CD quality stereo
- Resolution : 16 bits uncompressed
- Bandwidth : 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- Sampling frequency : 48 kHz
- Signal-noise ratio : 90 dB
- Total harmonic distortion plus noise : 74 dB
- Latency : 25ms from sender input to receiver output

Wireless Specs

- Distance : Up to 100 feet (30m)
- Output power : 10 dbm
- Bandwidth : 2.405 to 2.477 GHz
- Pairing : Point-to-point by pressing the pushbutton on both units.
- Maximum units; Up to 40 X-100 working in the same environnement.
- Protocol : Unique, no one can listen the audio stream.

Hardware Specs

- Audio Input : 1/4 audio jack, stereo.
- Audio Output : 1/4 and 1/8 audio jack, stereo.
- Battery life (full charge) : Up to 10 hours.
- Charge time: From 3 to 5 hours. Using any 5Vdc mini-USB charger (cellphone, pc)
- Charge while operation; Devices can operate while charging.
- Pre-Amp: On left-channel (mono), 1Mohm impedance, 0 to +20dB adjustable gain.
- Input impedance : 10 kohm, 1 Mohms if pre-amp is active on left channel (tip).
- Clamping Detection : The sender detect if audio signal is too high via the red LED.

User's Interface

- 3 Status LEDs on both devices: Indicates charging, pairing, shearching, clamp detect, low battery, etc.
- Power : Plug in audio cable to turn-on device and unplug to turn-off
- Sender specific switches and pre-amp;
  * Potentiometer on the sender: Control the volume of the pre-amp
  * Switch 1 : Activate pre-amp
  * Switch 2 : Active instrument input. (Low-Z input and -3dB)
- Both the sender and the receiver can be worn since they are both battery powered.
- Button (same button for sender and receiver. Dual usage):
  * Long push to lunch paring process. This is done only once so both units can me matched.
  * Quick push on both the sender or the receiver will decrease the volume gradualy.

Case and dimensions

- Devices dimension (both have same size) : Ultra small : 87x40x32mm (3.43x1.57x1.26inches). Fits easely in a pocket
- Device case : Black PVC plastic with small holes to fit instrument's strap
- Device weight : 70 grams for sender and 66 grams for receiver
- Metal transport casing dimensions : 100x77x69mm (3.93x3.03x2.71 inches)

What's included

- One X-100 sender
- One X-100 receiver
- 2 mini-USB cables for charging
- the user's manual
- One mono to stereo adapter
- One solid carrying case
- IMPORTANT : No audio cables included