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X-100 Customers reviews

Here are some reviews and comments of costumers about the X-100. Feel free to send us yours!

You can also check reviews from our Ebay costumers here.

"Big John" Davis from Iron Cowboy. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Northeast, PA, USA

Good morning all, I'm John Davis (friends and fans call me "Big John") from the band Iron Cowboy. I am absolutely thrilled with the performance of the X-100! As an artist, I would be very happy to endorse the X-100. If you have intentions of developing an artist roster, sign me up!

I purchased the X-100 via E-Bay and received it last week. I waited a few days after receiving the unit before I left feedback on E-Bay, because I wanted to test the X-100 before doing so. As of this morning, positive feedback has been posted.

First I tested the unit in my home studio with an acoustic guitar. I used the internal pre-amp and had the gain switch turned off. The sound was crystal clear and the signal was strong. Second, I used the X-100 as an in-ear monitor for a live performance. The X-100's belt loops were to narrow to fit my belt, so I just slipped the unit in my back pocket. Again, I was very impressed with the sound quality and the performance of the unit. Overall, you have a very happy customer!

• Size and design make the unit very versatile.
• Internal Lithium-Ion battery is simply awesome! No more buying batteries!
• Sound is crystal clear and signal is strong.
• Very reasonable price point.

• Belt loops are a little narrow. Maybe consider an open end clip design?

Warmest regards, "Big John" Davis. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Iron Cowboy

Jean Miuse , Quebec, Canada

J'ai achete votre produit et je suis plus que satisfait; je viens de m'acheter un accordeon midi electronique et le sans-fil est une excellente solution et pas trop cher qualite-prix. Une vraie aubaine. Le son est excellent, une petite merveille de technologie qui merite d'etre connue!

Ronnie, USA

All around great product! I used mine for my personal iem system, our female singer had a shure system which was 5 times the price I paid for mine and it held its own everywhere we play! I don't worry about losing signal or channel searching a good ole plug n play! Our bass player even used it from time to time at the gigs that he would want to "roam the crowd" again no issues!! Thanks for the great product! Keep up the great work!

Brian Bailey, London, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I use these as in-ear monitors. I think that they are a good value and haven’t had any problems with how they work.

Ray Chiupka, Manitoba, Canada

Hi, I was just thinking about letting you know how the unit has been working. I've used it for several gigs now and it has worked excellent. I use it on a violin, and sound quality is great. Range is good, though in the past I have been on really big stages where range could be an issue. Battery life is amazing, I did two 4 hour gigs in a row just to see what happens when it goes dead and that didn't kill it! The belt loops for attaching the unit is a little much, most players (me included) are kinda lazy and would rather just clip something on. The price I paid is wonderful! I can easily see our band having 8 units on stage within the year. Hope this helps, take care--- Ray

Jeff Freitas, USA

Hi there, I am very satisfied with the X-100! The wireless transmission is so strong and clear, I'm able to transmit stereo feed (without pre-amps) from two ribbon mics. I find it very handy for gigs, public functions, and even used it for a family project on a home audio setup too. I had no technical issues with the product. They are light and quirky, but also compact, well-constructed, and durable. The price was way below any similar product, usually by $50 or more when compared to even E-bay prices. Best of luck, Jeff.

Mark Perdue, Mississippi, USA

I am very satisfied with the X-100. I use it as a wireless personal monitor while leading worship and it has a great range. I am looking to get some for other band members as well. The fact that both devices are rechargeable is a plus. I think it is a low cost alternative for wireless personal monitors for musicians.

Chris Boling

We have 2 units in use and both are working very well. The sound quality and ease of use for the units is great. Simply plug them in and you are ready to go. We primarily use them as in ear wireless monitors in a rock band setting. The cost of the units are very affordable. It is a great unit for in ear monitoring. I suspect it would be a great system for wireless instrument as well.

Larry Lebin

I have used my X-100 16-20 hours per week since purchase and I may buy another soon. I use for my guitar... It is a stereo instrument (2 discreet sets of pickups) so it is PERFECT for my application. Price is perfect for consumer market (I'll regret saying this, but it's probably priced too low for its performance and design).

Gabriel Peloquin,Quebec, Canada

J'utilise ce produit environ 1 fois par semaine depuis 2 ans environ. Si je l'utilise autant c'est que j'en suis généralement satisfait et je n'ai rencontré aucun problème technique. Je l'utilise comme in-ear. Mais il m'est aussi arrivé de l'utiliser dans un contexte professionnel comme sonorisateur. Étant donné que l'émetteur contient un préamp, j'ai utilisé le X-100 comme système de communication entre 2 caméramen. Un micro sm58 connecté directement dans l'émetteur et une paire d'écouteur branchée dans le récepteur. Un caméramen donnait des instructions à l'autre durant un tournage multicam. Ça fait un système style "clearcom" sans aucun filage. Merci de me demander mon opinion sur ce produit. La latence est un détail qui pourrait être amélioré. Gabriel Péloquin

Gilbert Tremblay, Quebec, Canada

Impressionnant votre produit , je l'ai comparé avec un système earmonitor de plus de 1000$ , et... Vraiment la qualité du son du JD- XLAB est identique si non supérieure. La latence pas vraiment dérangeant. Bravo, vraiment bien.